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torbjørn rødland

these 4 sisters took a new photo every 5 years for 40 years the result is amazing!
Dyed my hair to match my extensions:)

still the rawest gif ever


Untitled-Sasha Pichushkin

10 selfies taken moments before death, life can change in a second
Don’t sugar coat it, don’t say “making love”. You make love in letters, and subtle glances across a room. You two are fucking. you are feeling each other for the sake of raw pleasure. You are fucking as in the verb, you both are sweating and panting because you can consume enough of each other. So fuck “making love” you are fucking, you are feeling. Eat her out and make her cum on your tongue, life isn’t about censored vulgarity.
the difference between fucking and making love (via temporiam)

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